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The Great Egyptian Museum displays famous cultural properties that everyone has seen in textbooks of world history and items shown on films. Below shows some part of them.


History of The Grand
Egyptian Museum
and GEC

The Grand Egyptian Museum is the new highlight of tourism of Egypt, going to open in 2020, and the Egyptian government is focusing and promoting the construction.


Dr.Tarek Tawfik

The director of the Grand Egyptian Museum

Head of the scientific committee of the conference. Associate Professor of Egyptology at the Cairo University. GeneralDirector of Archaeological Collections & Conservation of The Grand Egyptian Museum Project.

Dr.Tarek Tawfik
Dr.Zahi Hawass

Dr.Zahi Hawass

A leader in Egyptian archaeology

It is a leading man in the world's egyptology leading in the new research that combines archeology and modern science, such as discovering a new tomb in "Valley of the King" after 84 years, and tops the Egyptian archeological administration Became the first archeological minister and was named Dr. Indy Jones of the present age for being selected as one of the "100 Most Influential People in the World" by the 2006 US Magazine Time, and was awarded the 2007 Emmy Special Award etc.

  • Sayed Abd el Gawad

    Sayed Abd el Gawad

    Permanent Secretary of Tourism of the Governmentof Egypt

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  • Ismail Malik

    Ismail Malik

    Tokenization Strategist

    Timo Trippler

    ICO/IEO advisor

    David Oke

    Community Manager

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merits for
GEC holders

By purchasing GEC, based on the amount and period of holding, holders can receive various merits. Main benefits of holding can be divided into reputational merit as GEC has an aspect as donation and as an investment since holders can receive share of the profit from the world’s treasures discovered by joint work.
This clearly shows, GEC is very attractive to both crypto currency investors who value honor and who value return of investment.